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Take a Stand for Your Mind

Meditate with Mindku

‘Ku’ in Hawaiian means ‘stillness’, or ‘to take a stand’. Mindku means ‘stillness of the mind’ or to ‘take a stand for your mind’. The Mindku Program is rooted in neuroscience and built with specific micro practices to enhance resilience and help improve brain function.

With present moment awareness as the foundation, explore how to reduce anxiety, heighten empathy, increase focus and productivity and develop authentic leadership skills. Join us for three sample immersive experiences. Take a stand for your mind, move into stillness with your team and experience the benefits.


Sky Mind

Learn how to relax into the present moment so that you can respond skillfully and kindly to thoughts as they arise. This meditation likens your ‘observing mind’ to a wide open blue sky and your thoughts as passing clouds that simply come and go.

Shared Aliveness

Experience a sense of awe and gratitude for the complexity of your human body, for others and the world around you. This meditation navigates compassion, kindness and empathy while inviting you to be open to the beauty and mystery of being alive.

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Chocolate Meditation

Mindfulness is practiced when you bring your full attention to anything. Use chocolate in this meditation as a way to move more fully into the present moment. Connect deeply with your senses and use curiosity to cultivate an alert and watchful mind.

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