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Looking for a transformation? Discover the power of personalized meditation.

Our customized meditations are at the intersection of mindfulness and science with extraordinary results.

“The personalized custom meditation I received from Mindku exceeded my expectations. I have struggled to maintain a meditation practice but this recording is perfect. There is something about this speaking so directly to me that helps. I have practiced 10 days in a row and counting.” 
~ Brianne


Unlock your potential. Use your unique goals and challenges for transformation with your own personalized meditation.

Create new neural pathways and learn to excel in any of these areas:

  • Goal setting 

  • Sleep 

  • Relationships

  • Physical healing 

  • Self acceptance 

  • Powerful start to your morning 

  • Stress or anxiety 

  • Practical kindness 

  • Focus & concentration 

  • Confidence 

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Money & abundance

“Omg! This meditation is literally life-changing! When I first listened to mine, I couldn’t believe how deeply it resonated with me. I am so grateful to have found this. Thank you so much!”

~ Janet

Your unique inner journey

Embark on a journey tailored specifically to you; a meticulously crafted and unique meditation script accompanied by brainwave entrainment music and 3D sounds. Invite behavioural science methods to increase awareness, resilience, and to elevate your goals toward fulfillment. This personalized meditation is not merely a practice, but a profound shift to 'being' that could change everything.


A unique script and expert voice recording created just for you


Brainwave entrainment with 3D soundscapes

A ball of energy with electricity beamin

Leading edge behavioural science techniques


  • What is brainwave entrainment?
    It’s a powerful technique used to accelerate focus and goal realization to accompany your already personalized mindku meditation. Binaural beats harmonize with your brain waves and this synchronization has the power to modify both your brain wave activity and alertness levels, paving the path towards targeted cognitive states conducive to your objectives. Here's how it works: Binaural beats can be engineered at varying frequencies and significant research supports that each resonates with distinct brain wave activities and associated outcomes. The most appropriate frequency has been layered into your meditation based on your objectives. Gamma Pattern (γ): Oscillating between 30 Hz and 50 Hz, gamma waves are the zenith of brain wave activity. These waves are synonymous with a state of heightened alertness, concentrated focus, and agile problem-solving capabilities. An exploration conducted on a small cohort unveiled that exposure to binaural beats at a gamma frequency of 40 Hz enhanced memory, cognitive prowess, and even buoyed mood. Beta Pattern (β): With a frequency spectrum of 13 Hz to 30 Hz, beta waves echo an active and vigilant mind. Elevated beta wave levels, however, can be tethered to anxiety. The entrainment of beta waves through binaural beats has demonstrated a bolstered mood and task performance. Further, a study highlighted that a binaural beat frequency of 15 Hz could sharpen memory and accuracy. Alpha Pattern (α): Alpha waves, flowing between 8 Hz and 13 Hz, are emblematic of a serene and restful mental state. The stimulation of alpha waves via binaural beats has been linked to a spur in creativity among some individuals. Theta Pattern (θ): As you verge on the initial, lightest stage of sleep, your brain orchestrates theta waves within a frequency domain of 4 Hz to 8 Hz. These waves are also tethered to a state of drowsiness and meditation. Research has underscored that a binaural beat frequency of 6 Hz can usher in a meditative state. Delta Pattern (δ): Delta waves, with a languid frequency of under 4 Hz, are the slowest of the brain waves. As you delve deeper into the realms of sleep, the cerebral symphony transitions from theta to delta waves, within which the dreamscape can unfold. The embrace of delta frequencies through binaural beats has been shown to foster sleep. By harnessing the science of binaural beats through brainwave entrainment, your personal meditation aligns with your brain's natural rhythms to elicit your ideal state to guide you towards your aspirations. We invite you on a journey where personal and collective goals are not just envisioned but lived, all while fostering a profound sense of connection and resilience.
  • How is the custom meditation script created?
    Through years of meditation training and the creation of custom programs for large companies, mindku’s experience lends unique insight into the most effective meditation approaches and flow for effective and unique meditation scripts based on your needs.
  • How is your personal mindku meditation also a brain fitness practice?
    Evidence-based research has broken meditation practices into three main categories: Presence Practical Kindness Perspective Each category helps to build new neural connections, rewiring your brain to transform your sense of wellbeing and effectiveness. Presence: is Focus Training and includes meditations and specific breath work that brings the mind back to the present moment using the breath, body and senses. These kinds of practices are linked to enhanced thickness in the anterior prefrontal cortex and the anterior cortex which are known to be strongly involved with attention. Practical Kindness: is Socio-Affective Training known to help improve socially driven emotions through meditations and specific breath work with emphasis on such experiences as safety, compassion, kindness, empathy, gratitude and specific visualizations. This style of practice is linked to the activation of the insula and the temporal parietal (pa-ride-al) juncture in the brain. The insula is the part responsible for our ability to empathize with others and to become aware of emotional and physical present-moment experiences. Perspective: is Socio-Cognitive Training or an open-monitoring style of meditation that allows the practitioner to observe thoughts without judgment and uses specific breath practices and techniques that emphasize noting, resting-awareness and specific visualizations that use reflection. This kind of practice has been associated with decreasing the amygdala and activating the hippocampus (the region in the brain associated with memory and that helps regulate the amygdala), as well as the prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain associated with both impulse control and maturity).
  • How do I begin my custom meditation journey?
    Place an order to access our proprietary questionnaire that will provide valuable insight into areas of focus so that the script speaks directly to your heart. Next it will be produced and sent directly to your inbox. You can listen to it on any system you are using such as: iTunes, google play and more.
  • How long does it take to build my meditation?
    Each custom meditation takes up to 5 business days for a lifetime of enjoyment!
  • What benefits can I anticipate?
    Heightened awareness, greater resilience, enriched sense of wellbeing, enhanced relationships. Improve focus, enjoy a calmer demeanor, reduce stress, heighten capacity for empathy and compassion. Contribute to better sleep quality, foster mental clarity, and promote emotional regulation, creating a ripple effect of positivity in your personal and professional spheres. Experience an invigorated sense of purpose, more creativity, and an expansive understanding and acceptance of self and others.
  • Do I need more than one?
    One is a fantastic start! Activate your reticular activating system (RAS) and really feel the results. Once you experience how impactful and effective a personal meditation can be, adding a new practice will be a natural and positive choice.
  • How is this different from standard meditation apps?
    A personalized meditation journey with mindku is distinct from standard meditation apps because it is scripted specifically for you and your goals and grounded in mindku’s unique expertise and science-backed approach.
  • How often should I use it to see results?
    To see the fastest results, set aside time to meditate daily. Twice a week will also yield results.
  • Can I sell this meditation?
    You cannot sell your custom meditation. It is for your personal use. Mindku has worked with some of the top music producers and DJs around the world to access rights to pair your unique script with brainwave entrainment music to help you experience powerful results.
  • What support is available if I have questions or concerns?
    We would love to hear about your experience and journey! Please feel free to connect with us on social media (add social handles) or email with any questions or feedback and we will respond within two business days.
Image by Braden Jarvis

Take a stand for your mind
the origin of mindku

‘Ku’ in Hawaiian means ‘stillness’, or ‘to take a stand’. The name mindku means ‘stillness of the mind’ or to ‘take a stand for your mind’. The mindku program is rooted in neuroscience and built with specific micropractices to enhance resilience and help improve brain function.

With present moment awareness as the foundation, explore how to reduce anxiety, heighten empathy, increase focus and productivity and develop authentic leadership skills.


Take a stand for your mind, move into stillness and experience the benefits.

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