Take a deep breath.
Reduce stress, connect, and shape
your culture.

Micro-practices and connection for vibrant and healthy teams; in person and remote.

A vast majority of workers (80%) would consider quitting their current position for a job that focused more on employees’ mental health.

TELUS International Mental Health Survey, 2020

Heading 2

Mindful Connection Changes Everything. 

Stress Reduction and Wellness

Connect with the breath and the body to increase awareness and improve mental health. Align with what matters.



Improve focus, goal setting, prioritization, and overall vision. Increase intrinsic motivation within individuals and the team.


and Adaptability

Develop empathy and self-regulation. Improve authentic communication and conflict management skills.



Evolve your skillset to use time and energy effectively to influence your team with presence, purpose and vulnerability. 

These are stressful times, experienced differently by you and all those around you. 

Isn’t it difficult to know how well anyone is really coping?

Give your team tools to manage, and with practice, thrive when things are difficult.

Imagine the impact on your organization when your team is energized and resilient. Imagine a work environment defined by vibrant health, innovation and joy.

How we do it

An integrated solution for workplace stress management strategies that fits directly into the tools your people use today.


Easily Schedule Team Sessions 

Unique & Simple Approach

Experienced & Professional Teachers

Team Analytics 

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Choose the Membership That Fits You Best

Individuals, like organizations, go through seasons of health and vitality. Reduce stress, connect and shape your culture. 
Start with a 7 day trial on us.

Four Seasons

(Annually) Best Value

  • Guided Meditations 2X weekly

  • A Seasonal Retreat (1 hour each quarter) providing opportunities to connect, learn, motivate, practice, share experiences through discussion and Q&A

  • Complete Access to On-Demand Pack Library: Curated soundtracks, Restful Sleep Program, Mindful Movement Series, Vital Breath Program and more.

Upgrades Available: ​

  • Personalized Programming

  • Enhanced Analytics

First Season

(Quarterly) Start Anytime

  • Guided Meditations 2X weekly


Upgrades Available:

  • Individually Priced On-Demand Packs: Curated soundtracks, Restful Sleep Program, Mindful Movement Series, Vital Breath Program and more.

  • Personalized Programming

Meet Our Leadership Guides

Our guides have all had extensive meditation and corporate leadership experience.



Leadership Coach & Meditation Guide



Program Lead & Meditation Guide


Myriam Khouzman

Yoga &

Meditation Guide

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Try us out with a first free meditation class

Creating Calm and Relaxation.  Go to the Lake Within.

Duration 7:00 minutes

When you are centered and calm like a deep lake, waves in the world around you won’t disturb your depths. Join us as we guide you on a beautiful visualization of a calm lake to help you relax and center yourself. Great for starting your day or a short break anytime, particularly when the waters get rough, or before dream time to slip easily into sleep. 

"The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you."

David Lynch

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