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Interoception exercise to build
workplace skills

Strengthen your team's capacity to reduce stress, build resilience, increase productivity, and inspire leadership.

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Build your interoceptive sense

Whether you are in HR, or a leader who wants to make an impact, this micropractice is for you and your team.

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Get started in 3 easy steps

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Grüner See,  Styria,  Austria

How it works

An integrated solution for workplace stress management strategies that work where you are, without ever leaving Slack! 

The mindku program

Meet Our Founders

We are helping businesses cultivate vibrant healthy teams through micropractices and coaching to reduce stress, improve mental health, deepen team connection and improve performance. 

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Head of Programs

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Take a stand for your mind
the origin of mindku

‘Ku’ in Hawaiian means ‘stillness’, or ‘to take a stand’. The name mindku means ‘stillness of the mind’ or to ‘take a stand for your mind’. The mindku program is rooted in neuroscience and built with specific micropractices to enhance resilience and help improve brain function.

With present moment awareness as the foundation, explore how to reduce anxiety, heighten empathy, increase focus and productivity and develop authentic leadership skills.


Take a stand for your mind, move into stillness with your team and experience the benefits.

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